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Accelerated Innovation Programmes (AIP)
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Accelerated Innovation Programmes

Accelerated Innovation Programmes (AIPs) focus on the immediate interests of TWI Industrial Member organisations. They are partnerships focused on innovation, with the aim of developing and introducing sector-specific, safety and quality, or product and process advances to maximum effect to drive businesses forward.  

Project work is carried out at TWI’s Cambridge headquarters giving AIP partners access to dedicated laboratories using state-of-the-art equipment. AIPs may also be linked with one or more of the Innovation Centres.

AKU Logo

AKU Machine Vision and Automation Systems

As a service provider to major car makers and an expert SME on applications of quality control, process control and robot guiding with machine vision technologies; AKU have become an industrial member of TWI as an innovation accelerator through an Accelerated Innovation Programme with a view to participate in the network activities for a long term collaboration with TWI.

Alpha E-technology

Alpha E-technology

Alpha Electro Technology have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator and long term collaborator across the innovation platforms in the UK. 

Alpha E-Technology have significant experience from offshore industry - particularly in power systems, electronics, design and installations for end user requirements.

They have significantly contributed to renewable energy projects such as bespoke tidal turbines for electricity generation from initial design to field implementation.

They have invested efforts in development of inspection and monitoring systems for life management of marine installations including wind turbines.

Alpha Electro Technology are looking to engage in the Innovation Network activities, collaborating alongside other members in projects by providing industrial input.

Alta Lab

Alta Lab

Alta Lab is a contract engineering company located in Milan with speciality competencies in electronics design, sensor and image data acquisition and processing, data communication, embedded software and firmware design as well as mechanical design.

Alta Lab is particularly skilled in the development of advanced hw/sw architectures, including systems for sensors and data acquisition, diagnosis and control, which find applications in various areas such as automotive, transport and environmental surveillance.

Alta Lab are experienced in the development of X-ray systems and sub-systems, including X-ray generators, for application in medical diagnosis, security inspections and industrial NDT, based on advanced X-ray detection, image reconstruction and processing.

They are keen to collaborate across the TWI Innovation Network as innovation accelerators.

Apemco Logo

Apemco (Funcoats)

Innovators of atmospheric plasma technology demonstrated with functional coatings (Funcoats), Luxembourg company Apemco joined as an Industrial Member of TWI to access the Innovation Network and work on an Accelerated Innovation Programme.

Cambridge Carbon Capture Logo

Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd

Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd (CCC) is an early-stage clean-technology venture company based in Cambridge, UK, developing a breakthrough, profitable technology solution to industrial CO2 capture and storage. Their CO2LOC technology is an IP-protected advanced CO2 mineralisation technology process producing a number of valuable by-products, which have the potential of more than offsetting the cost of carbon capture. CO2LOC technology can enable new mining opportunities, clean up industrial processes, enable zero carbon power generation and enable bulk hydrogen production from natural gas with zero emissions. CCC have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator for exploring future collaborations across the UK and Europe.

Carrs Welding

Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd

As a laser welding specialist company with established operations in the UK as well as new facilities in France, Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd is an Industrial Member of TWI now looking to enhance benefits through an Accelerated Innovation Programme.

Carrs will be collaborating with TWI to explore new techniques and further enhance its capabilities.


Cedar Metals Ltd

Cedar Metals are specialists in powder metallurgy in particular the production, fabrication and uses of refractory metals, corrosion resisting materials and rare earths from mine to finished products. Also in semi-solid-state metals processing, anti-oxidation coating technology, furnace design and construction and friction stir welding with interests in ultrasonics and related materials interactions such as cleaning and field assisted materials processing. The organisation has joined TWI as an Industrial Member to pursue an Accelerated Innovation Programme.


Consortiq, an SME in the UK, are expert drone professionals and market leaders; providing bespoke and innovative unmanned technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Their mission is to connect all autonomous robotic ecosystems to undertake complex missions without human input. Consortiq have been introduced to the accelerated innovation programme with a view to consider joint collaborative applications, activities and potential developments in the UK and wider Europe as an industrial participant in the TWI Innovation Network.


Dashboard Ltd

As an SME in the UK looking to offer remote monitoring solutions for transport and energy/petrochemical sectors, Dashboard has begun an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate strategically for innovation and growth.


EMKO Elektronik

EMKO Elektronik from Turkey is a major Tier 1 supplier (SME) of measurement/control systems and a leader in electronics. EMKO has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate on innovation. The AIP will focus on areas of interest  such as control devices and automation, instrumentation/remote solutions.


ETS Sistemi

As an SME in Italy offering NDT services and structural health monitoring solutions for transport and energy/petrochemical sectors, ETS Sistemi has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate strategically for innovation and growth.


Floteks Group

Floteks, a major Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry and a leader in rotomoulding technology, has become an Industrial Member of TWI as part of an Accelerated Innovation Programme.

The AIP will focus on particular areas of interest for development such as quality control and condition monitoring.


Glider Yachts

With their latest super yacht recently launched at the London on Water boat show, Glider Yachts are looking to collaborate through an accelerated innovation programme (AIP) as a member of the TWI Innovation Network.

Hi-Spec Systems Ltd

Hi-Spec Systems

Hi-Spec Systems Ltd. have joined the TWI innovation network as an innovation accelerator to explore potential collaborative programmes both nationally and internationally in light of their unique capabilities and products.

Hi-Spec Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative ultrasonic NDT inspection systems used in a wide variety of industrial applications. This award-winning British company are world leaders in the design of Phased Array, Time of Flight Diffraction and Conventional Ultrasonic inspection systems. The company have recently diversified their technology portfolio into subsea NDT systems and inspection systems for autonomous robotics.

Integrity NDT Logo

Integrity NDT

A leading SME from Turkey offering inspection services and developing solutions combining NDT and robotics for power, construction and engineering, petrochemical sectors, Integrity NDT will be working with TWI on an Accelerated Innovation Programme.

Intellegens logo


Intellegens is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge that has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) method for training neural networks from incomplete data. The method has already been applied to drug discovery and material design and it can be applied to many domains where there is big, yet incomplete, data for deep learning. Intellegens Ltd, as a local SME with their proprietary method, have been introduced to the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator with an interest in exploring potential collaborations across the UK and wider European platforms for joint developments.



An experienced SME in the UK and industrial solution provider across the transport, construction and engineering sectors, Jackweld has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to develop existing collaborations across the UK and European platforms, and to become a part of the TWI Innovation Network.

Management Data Processing Consultancy (MDC) Ltd

Management Data Processing Consultancy (MDC) Ltd

Management Data Processing Consultancy (MDC) Ltd is a SME based in London focused on data processing (including statistical, uncertainty, trend and risk analysis), model simulations, algorithms, software development, image processing, visualisation and consultancy. MDC have experience in satellite data processing, retrieval of environmental variables and mapping of natural resources. MDC are users of NASA and ESA satellite data and Earth observation programmes (in the visible, thermal infrared and microwave spectral range), image processing software and models. They have contributed to international (European, ESA, EUMETSAT) projects and programs and they have developed innovative satellite data applications in climate, environmental and atmospheric sciences, security, mapping of natural and oil resources, energy efficiency, land use, agriculture, forestry, urban planning, marine sciences, ship navigation, tracking, and the monitoring of Arctic and remote areas. With skills in project management, delivery of applications in advanced programmes of satellite remote sensing, environmental sciences, natural resources, machine learning and data processing, MDC are looking to join and contribute to collaborative projects and activities as an industrial participant across the TWI Innovation Network.


Master Filter Ltd

Master Filter Ltd is a UK SME looking to offer efficiencies through its products for transport systems eg vehicles. Master Filter has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate on future growth strategy.

MCI logo


MCI (Montage Cablage Installation) based near Paris, France is a specialist manufacturer of firmware prototypes including bespoke designs and system solutions. The organisation has an international approach for innovation and collaboration.

With its ability to design and specialise in every stage of small series production and installation, MCI has a number of potential developments underway for industrial demonstration and commercial application across the power sector, in addition to the other sectors such as aerospace and automotive where it already has strong links. MCI's highly capable workforce is keen to benefit from the opportunity to undertake new collaborative project work within the TWI Innovation Network.


Nesne Electronic

An award-winning Turkish SME looking to offer electronics design and packaging for inspection and autonomous systems eg energy sector, Nesne has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate on future growth strategy and to be part of the TWI Innovation Network.

nquiringminds logo


UK company nquiringminds has joined the TWI Innovation Network as part of its Industry 4.0 engagement strategy to foster new industry collaborations.

nquiringminds, with its elite team of hardware and software professionals, brings skills in AI powered data analytics and secure data sharing and IOT (Internet of Things). As a unique SME, the company has built digital solutions for remote inspection of equipment, control systems for large-scale operations, and has experience of working with multiple partners across a number of sectors including smart cities/infrastructure and manufacturing (with end-use applications in surface and air transport). It has also nurtured joint country programmes (eg UK-India) for agricultural applications.

Quintus Technologies

Quintus Technologies specialises in the design, manufacture, installation, and support of high-pressure systems for sheet metal forming and densification of advanced materials and critical industrial components. Headquartered in Västerås, Sweden, and represented in 35 countries worldwide, the company is the world leader in high-pressure technology and has delivered more than 1,800 systems to customers across the globe within industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical implants. Quintus, already Members of TWI, have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to explore joint collaborative projects and opportunities across the UK and wider European platforms and demonstrate capabilities across many sectors.


Sampas have joined the TWI Innovation Network with a focus on nanotechnology as an innovation accelerator to explore the collaborative project opportunities presented by the network alongside participation in related activities. Sampas are a strong medium-sized enterprise from Istanbul, Turkey with wide interests across construction, engineering, infrastructure, textiles, packaging, glass, ceramics, plastics, waste management, renewable energy and transport (automotive) industries. Sampas nanotechnology particularly covers these sectors, developing and offering nanomaterial-based applications in an industrial setting through collaboration.



As an SME in France looking to offer smart systems for monitoring and antifouling solutions for transport and energy sectors, Sofchem has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate strategically for the latest innovations, and to increase its portfolio of activities.

SUIMC logo


Based in Istanbul, Turkey, SU-IMC was established with Kordsa, a leading manufacturer of reinforcement materials, with a focus on innovative, integrated and hybrid technologies that allow high-value-added design and enhanced manufacturing capabilities (eg additive and composites).

Already working across multiple industry sectors, SU-IMC has joined the TWI Innovation Network to work on new collaborative opportunities, and to build up its portfolio of activities across European platforms.

Torsion Field logo

Torsion Field

Torsion Field Ltd. have become industrial members of the TWI innovation network to collaborate further across UK and Europe as an innovation accelerator. As an SME in the UK, with a particular focus on structured liquids Torsion Field bring some extraordinary benefits across many industry sectors. These include emissions reduction and improved fuel efficiency in vehicles and machinery, reduced oxidation-applicable to food and beverage for increased shelf life. Further benefits have translations onto agriculture and aquaculture as well. Torsion Field are pursuing these interests and considering several applications that can utilise their technology.

TPS WeldTech

TPS WeldTech

TPS WeldTech, a well established UK SME with several sites across the country from the south west to the north east and an HQ in Scotland, joined the Accelerated Innovation Programme (AIP) as a TWI Industrial Member. TPS WeldTech are specialists in welding, cutting and related automation services as well as training and validation for various industry sectors, notably automotive as well as construction and general engineering. They have an extensive product category range from automation, cameras, consumables, generators, and plasma cutters to positioning equipment and welding simulators. TPS WeldTech have come on board the AIP to explore potential national and international collaborative opportunities that the TWI Innovation Network offers to its Members.


Uniper Technologies Ltd

Large enterprise and TWI Industrial Member Uniper Technologies Ltd has been working with TWI looking at NDT technologies.

Uniper signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme to focus on new developments in energy materials and the power sector.

Welding Alloys Group

Welding Alloys Group

Welding Alloys Group, industrial members of TWI, have joined TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to closely explore collaborative opportunities with TWI and its innovation centres as well as the other industrial members of the network to participate in projects, offer and demonstrate their capabilities and benefit from new developments that can make an impact in the field as end-user applications. Welding Alloys Group are the go-to provider of advanced welding consumables, automated equipment for wear protection, and engineered wear solutions with commitment to innovation.

They are a large enterprise with coverage more than 150 countries and territories throughout a network of over 28 subsidiaries and with more than 1000 employees and specialists in different disciplines.

Industry sector activities include agriculture, food, construction (e.g. cement & building materials), energy (e.g. hydropower), oil and gas, petrochemical, transport (e.g. railways), steel making, pulp and paper, sugar, recycling & waste, mining, quarries and earthmoving equipment. Their range of products and services include; welding alloy consumables, welding machines and welding/cladding services.

WRS logo

WRS Marine

WRS Marine is an experienced service provider in inspection, corrosion testing to the maritime and offshore industry. The organisation became an Industrial Member of TWI after a collaborative project across the European FP7 platform.

WRS Marine has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme to further enhance its capabilities in, for example, antifouling and automation.

Yesilova AR-GE

Yesilova AR-GE Centre of Yesilova Holding from Bursa, Turkey have become industrial members of TWI to collaborate further across wider Europe via the network and AIP.

Specialists in metal fabrications and manufacturing particularly using Aluminium, Yesilova AR-GE have many interests and applications across several industry sectors including automotive (e.g. lightweighting), construction and engineering to name a few.