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Polymeric Materials Engineering, Research and Innovation Centre
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Polymeric Materials Engineering, Research and Innovation Centre (PolyMERIC)

PolyMERIC operates as a long term strategic partnership between TWI Ltd and London South Bank University (LSBU), and is the third Innovation Centre established within this structure. 

The centre performs research and development of new polymer materials, testing and inspection methodologies in harsh environments in the TRL1-6 region to support the work of TWI to its 700 industrial members and identify their future needs, by  establishing an excellent research environment underpinned by MSc, PhD researchers and academic staff driven by the industry

PolyMERIC’s mission is to become a world class centre specialising  in polymer technology with a view to growing a portfolio of activities, including innovation projects and PhD studies with  testing and inspection methodologies applied on polymer materials. The centre aims to develop new applications for an integrated systems approach for many industrial sectors’ interests and usage.


  • Establish a world leading research centre for polymeric materials
  • Enabling use and adoption of polymeric materials across industry sectors
  • Undertake joint research programmes
  • Secure a portfolio of research funding from external sponsors

Core areas

Established in 2018, the Polymeric Materials Engineering, Research & Innovation Centre (PolyMERIC) focuses mainly, but not limited to:

  • Selection and evaluation of polymers and thermoplastic composites for new applications
  • Metal replacement in different industry sectors including O&G, energy, automotive, aerospace and construction
  • Recycling of polymers
  • Welding and joining of components made of thermoplastics and reinforced thermoplastic composites
  • Functional and smart polymers
  • Inspection techniques for polymer materials in harsh environments


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