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Materials Innovation Centre appoints new director

Materials Innovation Centre appoints new director

Materials (Metallic and Alloys)

TWI congratulates Dr Shiladitya Paul for being appointed as a director of the Materials {Metallic and Alloys} Innovation Centre (MatIC). 

Dr Shiladitya Paul became the director of the Materials Innovation centre after being at TWI for almost 10 years. He joined TWI's Materials Group after finishing a PhD from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Technology, and Master of Technology in Materials Science. He has produced over 70 publications mostly in the area of coatings and corrosion and is also the author of chapters in the ASM Handbook and the Encyclopaedia of Aerospace Engineering. Shiladitya is a NACE protective coating technologist and also sits on the editorial board of several peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

MatIC is a long-term strategic partnership between TWI and The University of Leicester, one of the world’s top universities, which will focus on materials characterisation and novel materials development.

Dr Shila said: "This collaboration between TWI and the University of Leicester provides great opportunity to be at the interface between industry and academia. The Centre will bring together the expertise of the two organisations and will focus on the fundamental understanding of metallic materials, both theoretical and experimental, and how the properties and performance are related to microstructure."

MatIC is a part of the TWI Innovation network, if you would like to know more about MatIC and our innovation network, please contact us.