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TWI Innovation Network at the Energy Materials Group Meeting

The TWI Innovation Network was present at the recent Energy Materials Group meeting at the IOM3 HQ in London on 31 January 2018.


Energy Materials have a lot of resonance within the network, from electrification of vehicles to power technologies including power generation, hence this created an ideal medium to discuss potential developments with an influence on industry activities and academia. This particular topic, and associated materials and structural integrity issues, present challenges that can be resolved through potential collaborative efforts. These not only include joint programmes of work but also outreach opportunities in terms of lectures by industry experts, events between institutes and professional societies (e.g. Welding and Joining Society) at regional, national and international levels. There is an educational impact with a focus on professional development and partnerships through the well-established ‘University in Industry’ model by TWI. We will be hosting meetings to explore potential collaborations that can facilitate and support such initiatives; generating a wider socio-economic impact as part of the TWI Innovation Network environment.