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Oil and Gas
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Oil and Gas

iPerm project


Guided wave monitoring system

Development of a large-scale, permanent, intelligent and energy efficient wireless structural health monitoring system, to deliver a step change in the safety and reliability of Europe’s extensive, ageing pipeline network.

  • Budget: £2,823,519
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020
SafeAST project


Continuous structural condition tank integrity monitoring of above ground storage tanks

Development of system to provide structural condition monitoring of above ground storage tanks, detecting any corrosion hotspots in the internal tank floor without the need to empty the tank and manually inspect the welds. The system will provide continuous monitoring by integrating long range ultrasonic testing with sophisticated sensors and systems to detect defects in the annular ring and bottom plates.

  • Budget: £2,827,141
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020


RiserSure Project


Innovative new product for rapid integrity assessment of flexible risers 

Development of radiographic tool for assessing the condition of flexible riser pipes widely used in offshore oil and gas production.  

  • Budget: £2,565,674
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020


MoniTank Project


Underground storage tanks risk mitigation system for petrol fuel stations

MoniTank offers a commercial continuous advanced structural health monitoring system for underground storage tanks based on acoustic emission and guided wave technology, risk based inspection techniques, IoT and advanced signal processing and data acquisition systems.

  • Budget: £2,008,552
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020
HITCLean project


Temperature inspection and cleaning of oil and gas offshore production subsea and topside operating pipelines and vessels

Development of guided wave ultrasonic technology for subsea pipelines.  To be deployed by a diver or remote operating vehicle, the system will detect, clean and inhibit internal fouling of oil pipes, and external fouling of steel assets.

  • Budget: £1,302,090
  • Funding body: Innovate UK


ASPIRE project


Assessment strategy for upstream plant inspection and repair 

Development of the first commercial system which combines and automates asset inspection, inspection data analyses, and maintenance scheduling. The system will inspect and report maintenance schedules for critical assets (eg. well conductor) within one day.

  • Budget: £2,211,765
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020
TankRob project


In-service intrusive NDT of above ground and underground petrochemical storage tank floors and walls to detect corrosion

Re-defining non-destructive testing (NDT) of storage tanks with development of cutting-edge NDT inspection robot; increasing health and safety and minimising downtime through eliminating the need for human entry.  

  • Budget: £2,357,080
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020