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AssureNET project


Automated production quality assurance of net shape manufactured components using in-line micron resolution x-ray sterographic imaging

Development of a quality assurance system that will prevent waste, save up to 8% on materials costs, energy use and carbon emissions, prevent product recalls, facilitate market growth and generate new net shape sector jobs. 

  • Budget: £3,300,000
  • Funding body: Innovate UK
CMDrive project


Condition monitoring of wind turbine drive-trains via non-contact acoustic sensors

To establish the feasibility of the innovative use of a non-contact microphone array for structural health diagnostics by noise detection, combined with active noise cancellation, for all the rotating machinery within an onshore wind turbine casing.

  • Budget: £325,900
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020
Union project


Ultrasonics nuclear inspection

To achieve non-destructive inspection of nuclear power generation and reprocessing plant pipework with a high attenuation to guided ultrasonic waves.

  • Budget: £1,125,578
  • Funding body: Innovate UK
WindDIce project


Autonomous ice protection combining guided ultrasonic waves and electrothermal systems

Development of a prototype automaticice protection system that remains effective over a wide range of environmental and operational conditions,  enabling turbines to operate seamlessly in a cost-effective and energy efficient manner.

  • Budget: £1,500,000
  • Funding body: Innovate UK
WInspector project


Advanced sheorography kit and a robotic deployment platform for on-site inspection of wind turbines

Development and commercialisation of the WInspector system; an agile robotic platform and an advanced digital shearography kit for the inspection of subsurface defects on wind turbine blades. Operational by engineers on the ground or from a vessel for on-shore or off-shore wind farms.

  • Budget: £2,296,613
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020
EverClean project


A durable self-clean coating for solar panels to improve PV energy generation efficiency

Development of self-cleaning coating solution for solar panels, combining high visual transparency for the architectural application, with high solar efficiency and durability commensurate with the lifetime of the glass. 

  • Budget: £1,923,473
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020
IntelLine project


System for improved and efficient power line cable management

Development of an automatic system for the inspection of power line cables, utilising ultrasonic guided waves and incorporating wireless transmission and energy harvesting. The system will also provide a ‘fit and forget’ condition monitoring option to work as a failure alarm system.

  • Budget: £2,108,234
  • Funding body: Horizon 2020