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Additive manufacturing innovation centre

Additive manufacturing innovation centre

Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre


AMIC operates as a long term strategic partnership betweenTWI Ltd and Lancaster University, and is the secondInnovation Centre established within this structure.The centre performs research to develop the internationalresearch profile and reputation of both partners in relationto AM, including the complete value chain of design andbuild optimisation, prototyping, performance validation andproduct industrialisation.AMIC’s mission is to become a world class centre specialisingin Additive Manufacturing technologies with a view togrowing a portfolio of activities, including innovation projectsand PhD studies with testing and inspection methodologiesapplied in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive,consumer good, spare parts, small series production, toolingand medical implants.



AMIC’s objective is to developnew technologies that combinesadditive manufacturing withartificial intelligence andmachine learning, also lookinginto new material approachesand processing.

Core areas

  • Additive Manufacturing withartificial intelligence andmachine learning

  • New material approachesand processing for AM