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London South Bank Innovation Centre

London South Bank Innovation Centre


London South Bank Innovation Centre


London South Bank Innovation Centre (LSBIC), established in August 2015. 

LSBIC focuses on developing mobile robots that provide access to very large and vertical, safety-critical structures that may be located in hazardous environments, and on the deployment of a range of non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques.  

LSBIC's mission is to create a centre of excellence for automated NDT, building a critical mass and providing a pipeline to industry for the adoption of innovative inspection technologies. 

The Centre develops intelligent automated NDT to improve the quality and probability of defect detection, and autonomous robot deployment systems that can perform NDT with minimal intervention by human operators. 




  • Carry out research with industrial focus and impact

  • Translate technologies for adoption by industry 

  • Develop patents and publish papers

  • Build a critical mass to address long-term innovation challenges

Core areas

  • Autonomous and intelligent inspection

  • Mobile robots

  • Commercialisation of mobile robots 

  • Fundamental research in robotics and automation  

  • Robotic non-destructive testing systems