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Corrosion 2020 Meet the Team

Seminars 15-19 March 2020

Meet the Team at Corrosion 2020 on Booth 1060

TWI will be exhibiting and presenting at CORROSION, the world’s largest conference and exposition on corrosion. This comprehensive technical conference and exhibition is packed with 1,000+ hours of technical education all focused on the study, prevention, and control of corrosion.

Presentations by TWI Staff

  • 'Determination of the Corrosion Rate of Thermally Spayed Aluminum (TSA) in Simulated Marine Service'. Authors: Shiladitya Paul and Dave Harvey.
  • 'Corrosion Testing in Supercritical CO2'. Authors: David Smyth-Boyle and Shiladitya Paul.
  • 'Exploring high pressure CO2 annular corrosion in flexible pipes'. Authors: Maria Mitzithra, John Rothwell, Shiladitya Paul, Fabricio Santos (Petrobras).
  • 'The influence of temperature on the performance of sacrificial metallic coatings operating in sea water'. Authors: Berenika Syrek-Gerstenkorn (NSIRC PhD student), Shiladitya Paul, Alison Davenport.
  • 'Development of Novel Coating Systems for Mitigating Corrosion of Offshore Wind Turbines'. Authors: Adamantini Loukodimou (NSIRC PhD student), Idalina Vieira Aoki (Polytechnic School University of São Paulo), Vikas Kumar (Universty of Leicester), David Weston (University of Leicester), Shiladitya Paul
  • 'Prediction of Thermal Spray Aluminium Coatings performance in marine environments by combination of laboratory and field tests'. Authors: Rosa Grinon-Echaniz (NSIRC PhD student), Shiladitya Paul (TWI), Philippe Refait (LaSIE Laboratory), Marc Jeannin (LaSIE Laboratory), Alvaro Rodriguez-Ruiz (Centro Tecnologico CTC).
  • 'Exposure of Various Polymer-lined Carbon Steel Pipe Sections to a Sour Hydrocarbon Fluid at a Maximum Service Temperature: Methodology and Observations'. Authors: Bernadette Craster, Marilena Mitzithra, Barnaby King, Anwar Parvez (Saudi Aramco), Abdulaziz Asiri (Saudi Aramco), James Taylor (Swagelining Ltd), Colin Jones (Swagelining Ltd).
  • 'The Influence of Stress Concentration and Plastic Strain on the Resistance of Precipitation Hardened Nickel Alloys to Hydrogen Embrittlement'. Authors: David Griffiths, Kasra Sotoudeh, Michael Dodge and Mike Gittos.
  • 'The Effect of Interactions between Cathodic Protection Potential and Stress Concentration on Hydrogen Embrittlement of Precipitation-Hardened Nickel Alloys'. Authors: Imran Bhamji, Kasra Sotoudeh, Menno Hoekstra, Herman Amaya (Schlumberger), Bryan Fahimi (Schlumberger).

Workshops being chaired by TWI staff

  • Thermal and Cold Spray Symposium; Chair: Shiladitya Paul, Speaker: Dave Harvey.
  • Environmentally Assisted Cracking; Chair: Kasra Sotoudeh.
  • Corrosion in Supercritical Systems; Vice-Chair: Shiladitya Paul, Speaker: Shiladitya Paul.
  • Thermal and Cold Spray Workshop; Chair: Shiladitya Paul, Speaker: Dave Harvey. 



Meet the team

Caroline Young - Programme Manager - Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals at TWI Ltd

Caroline Young

Programme Manager - Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals at TWI Ltd

Caroline Young is TWI's Programme Manager for the oil and gas industries. She is based at the Cambridge office and provides an interface with oil and gas member companies worldwide.

She is also the Industrial Membership Sector Manager for oil and gas, which she has been involved with for 18 years. However, now she is tasked with managing members on a more technical level and facilitating interactions with TWI's technical groups on, consultancy, research and project work.

Dave Harvey - Technology Fellow - Surface Engineering

Dave Harvey

Technology Fellow - Surface Engineering

Dave Harvey is Technology Fellow for Surface Engineering in TWI's Materials Group and has specialised in thermal spraying and other coating technologies for over 20 years. For the last 10 years, his work has included focus on the cold spray technology and its industrial application, involving studies related to  process equipment, powder feedstock development and the characterisation and testing of cold spray deposited materials.

Kasra Sotoudeh - Manager - Stainless Steels & Non-Ferrous Alloys Section, TWI

Kasra Sotoudeh

Manager - Stainless Steels & Non-Ferrous Alloys Section, TWI

Kasra Sotoudeh joined TWI in 2011. Prior to his appointment at TWI, Kasra worked as a research associate at the University of Manchester's Materials Science Centre where he also completed his MSc and PhD in Metallurgy and Metal Forming (2008). 

Kasra has published a number of papers and presented them both in the UK and internationally.  He has led projects on a wide range of topics, from rapid turn-round failure investigations to long-term R&D programmes for individual companies and governmental programmes in the oil and gas, power generation, heavy engineering and transport sectors.

He also manages and conducts single and joint industrial research projects related to materials selection, e.g. microstructure, property relationships, failure analysis, welding metallurgy and fabrication cracking. He also possesses expertise in, service performance and failure, corrosion, creep, fracture and resistance, and environmentally assisted cracking of metallic materials with emphasis on stainless steels and non-ferrous alloys (i.e. nickel and titanium).

Marie-Eleni Mitzithra - Senior Project Leader Technology

Marie-Eleni Mitzithra

Senior Project Leader Technology

Marie-Eleni joined TWI on October 2014 as a Corrosion Engineer. Principal studies were carried out on electrochemistry and materials. Marie-Eleni's PhD thesis was carried out on the detection of corrosion of steel reinforcement embedded in concrete. At TWI Marie-Eleni has been working on projects related to the corrosion performance of ferrous and non ferrous alloys (Al, claddings etc) ie failure investigations, electrochemical and exposure testing of materials in different environments (ie sweet, sour, seawater), etc.

Shiladitya Paul - Research and Product Development Programme Manager – Materials

Shiladitya Paul

Research and Product Development Programme Manager – Materials

Shiladitya Paul joined TWI’s Surface Engineering Section in 2008 after graduating with PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgy as a Gates Scholar from the University of Cambridge, UK. He is currently the Research and Product Development Programme Manager of Materials Group. He has published over 60 technical papers in the field of coatings and corrosion, and has also authored several book chapters. He is the member of the editorial board of several international journals and a peer-reviewer for several publishers. He is also the vice-chair of the European Federation of Corrosion Working Party 9 (Marine Corrosion).

David Griffiths - David Griffiths - Project Leader, SSN

David Griffiths

David Griffiths - Project Leader, SSN

David joined TWI in October 2014 after completing his PhD in metallurgy at the University of Manchester. David's thesis focused on improving the formability of lightweight magnesium alloys for use in the automotive industry. During his studies he made extensive use of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) to study the relationship between the microstructure and crystallographic texture of deformed and recrystallized magnesium alloys. 

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