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Branding refresh for TAPs and new Members portal,1299,0,33

Mon, 29 July, 2019

Since its inception in 2017, the Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) scheme has grown rapidly, such that it now has over eighty participating companies.  TAPs was setup by TWI to promote collaborative innovation and to develop new technology concepts into successful commercial solutions.  It is available to both TWI Member and none-member companies who meet the selection criteria.

Previously TAPs were called Accelerated Innovation Partnerships (AIPs), but the scheme’s name was changed in 2019 to better reflect the focus on novel technologies and make it more distinct.

At the heart of TAPs is collaboration between TWI, innovation centres and industrial partners, who work together on projects designed to take novel concepts from inception, through the development process, to commercialisation.  TAPs receive the benefit of TWI’s proven ability to successfully secure public funding for collaborative technology development projects from Government bodies in the UK and international initiatives.

The TWI Innovation Network has experienced specialist personnel; the Technology Innovation Management team, whose role is to guide technology concept development, build reputable consortiums and prepare quality proposals in order to secure public funded projects in engineering research and innovation.  In achieving this, the team works closely with TWI’s technical experts, innovation centres, TWI Industrial Members and external partner companies.

For existing TAPs Members, there is a new online portal coming soon on the TWI Innovation Network website.  Once registered on the portal, TAPs Members will be able to login to a secure area and submit their technology idea or project for consideration to be taken forward as a submission for a public funded project.  Companies selected will benefit from one-to-one consultation with the Technology Innovation Management team who will assist with progressing an idea through proposal development to project submission.  The portal will also include information on funding calls and insights into successful TAPs Members’ projects. 

Companies who are interested in becoming a TAP member should contact us through the TWI Innovation Network website or email

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