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NquiringMinds shares success story of TAPs membership

Mon, 18 November, 2019

Founded in 2010, NquiringMinds Ltd is a British company specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) analytics and cyber security. The company’s solutions focus around digital transformation, using expertise in the internet of things (IoT) and data analytics spaces to unlock efficiency and cost savings in existing and new processes. NQMs TDX (Trusted Data Exchange) is a next generation database which is designed from the ground up to fully integrate high performance analytics. A unique distributed security system applies across both data and analytics alike, making it ideal for complex, real world scenarios where data ownership is complex.

NquiringMinds has customers in sectors as diverse as smart cities, Industry 4.0, defence, agriculture, FinTech, telecoms, and health and social care, and their award winning software has been endorsed by the likes of the UK Cabinet Office, UK Prime Minster, NHS, Ministry of Defence, the Indian Government, Cisco and many UK cities.

NquiringMinds’ CEO and Founder, Nick Allot, shared with TWI how being involved in the TAPs programme, one of the four ‘pillars’ of TWIIN together with PTIPs, Innovation Centres and NSIRC, has benefited his company:

“Membership of TWI Innovation network has been instrumental in opening up brand new markets and concrete commercial opportunities for us. We are a relative newcomer to the industrial market, but the support TWIIN provided has helped us secure multiple innovation projects, expanding our R&D capability considerably. More importantly, by rubbing shoulders with fellow industrial experts, we have refined our commercial offering and deepened our technology offering. As a direct result of our TWIIN membership, we were picked up by TMForum’s 5G catalyst program and our technology is now featured as one of the international case studies for successful deployments of 5G in the industrial sector.”

Building on their business successes, NQuiringMinds has gone on to launch a new company; NQMCyber, which provides artificial intelligence (AI) powered analytics and cyber security capability in versatile industrial routers. Their technology has been successfully deployed and tested in many industrial applications including additive manufacturing, welding, predictive maintenance, continuous health monitoring and flexible control systems. NQMCyber has also joined TWIIN as a TAPs Member.

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