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TAPs Members portal offers gateway to future collaborations

Thu, 13 February, 2020

TWI’s Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) scheme was established in 2017 to promote and facilitate innovation based on a collaborative approach.  The aim is to turn blue sky technology concepts into viable projects that have the capacity to deliver new, market ready systems, applications, products and services for industry.

TAPs are collaborations between partner companies, TWI and Innovation Centres that focus on shared aims and interests, and generate a rich source of ideas, knowledge, expertise, skills and research infrastructure for business.  The scheme is available to both TWI Member and none-member companies who meet the selection criteria.

On joining the scheme, TAPs Members are invited to register on the TAPs secure portal on the TWI Innovation Network website.  Once registered, Members can submit their technology idea, through the website, for consideration to be taken forward as a submission for a public funded project.  The submission form asks for relevant supporting information to help explain the idea including technology area, industry challenge, proposed solution, key technical innovation and type of capability or expertise required to successfully realise the project. Companies selected will benefit from a one-to-one consultation with TWI’s Technology Innovation Management team who will assist with progressing viable ideas through proposal development to project submission.  The team’s role is to identify suitable funding calls, guide technology concept development, build reputable consortiums and prepare quality proposals in order to secure public funded projects in engineering research and innovation.

The portal also includes information on upcoming funding calls, so you can keep up-to-date with the current funding landscape and review the potential of opportunities via programmes such as Innovate UK (IUK) and Horizon 2020.

TAPs Members are encouraged to register on the TAPs portal in order to maximise the benefits of joining the scheme.

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